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Kids Menu
Includes Beverage: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr.Pepper, Sierra Mist, Cheerwine, Pink Lemonade, Mountain Dew, Birch Beer, Tea or Milk

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Fresh Burger $4.99 each
1/4 lb. served with fries or chunky applesauce

Fish-N-Chips $6.99 each
Fresh cod lightly fried tempura style with fries and a little Old Bay seasoning

Hot Dog $3.99 each
Beef dog with fries or chunky applesauce

PB&J Sandwich $3.99 each
Peanut butter & jelly with applesauce or fries

Kids Chicken Fingers $4.99 each
Fried chicken tenders with fries or chunky applesauce

Fried Popcorn Shrimp $6.99 each
Breaded shrimp with fries or chunky applesauce

Spaghetti Junior $3.99 each
Linguine with marinara and parmesan

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $3.99 each
Served with fries or chunky applesauce

Sweet Tooth $1.00 each
Vanilla Ice Cream 1 scoop of sweet vanilla

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